Getting rid of game addiction the wrong way can lead to depression

Getting rid of game addiction the wrong way can lead to depression


If a game addict tries to quit gaming using the mainstream 12 step programs, it might lead to depression. I have talked to a lot of people that have used the mainstream 12 step programs when trying to quit gaming and one thing they all have in common. They are not happy.


The reason of this is they get the wrong advice by the mainstream 12 step programs. Get a pet, take a dance course or start to draw. This is catastrophic for the game addict because not everyone is suited nor have the personality type to draw, dance or owning a pet.

The game addicts can manage to quit gaming, but they are suffering because they have nothing fun to do in real life that replace the game. I have even heard extreme examples of people that have quit gaming like 10 years ago and they are still counting game free days. Counting game free days after being out of it for 10 years? That's a pure definition of failure.

My 16 year old sons the biggest hobby is to party. The reason I let him do it at that young age can be debatable. But from my point of view. I prefer him to make mistakes before he hits the age of 18 then after. And knowing what happens with adrenaline and testosterone within the teen community. I prefer the consequences of that happens before the age of 18. For legal reasons. If this is the right approach, I don't know and feel free to debate me on that one.


Point of this is approach is that my son think he will party his entire life. I tell him that won't be the case because after some time, he will get bored with going out with the same friends, talking about the same things, telling the same jokes, talking behind the back about the same people using the same lines, suffering from the same hangovers. There will come a time he will get bored with it and find some other tasks he will fine more interesting.

He says -Absolutely not. I will party to the age of 60!!

I say no, there will be a time you will find other tasks in your life that will give you more pleasure and you will prioritize them instead. I can't say today what that will be. Maybe he gets a great girlfriend that will want to travel a lot. Maybe he will join some charity community, maybe he will start bowling. Maybe he will find some other hobby or profession he will give his life too. But one thing is for sure. Life is a journey and he won't be stuck in the same thing for his entire life. That's the cycle of life. Sure he will go out with his friends from time to time partying. I also do that. Its fun but its not the highest priority anymore.


Same thing goes when trying to quit gaming. However, when using the mainstream 12 step programs the game addict ends up like the ex game addict counting days. This means the ex game addict is suffering and can't go forward. The natural selection of activities are in some way stopped. Its like having the 16 year old that who's the biggest dream is to party his entire lifer, force him to Saudi Arabia where alcohol is forbidden and let him stay there for the rest of his life wondering and suffering because he couldn't enjoy the parties. By doing this the natural cycle of life is interrupted. The 16 year old will be stuck in the fantasy that partying is something amazing because he will never do it and discover in the natural way that it gets bored after a while.


Similar thing is going on when a game addict that tries to quit gaming using the 12 step mainstream program where they have now whatsoever solutions to what to do with the offline endless time syndrome and activity anxiety syndrome. All they have is get a pet, take a dance course and start to draw. This result in the game addict end up unhappy because not everyone is suited to dance, draw or owning a pet.