Lazy parents create game addicted children

Lazy parents create game addicted children


When it comes to parents and children, the expression "game addiction" should be replaced with the expression "baby sitter" because the fact is. Its much easier to let your kid play something on a tablet then taking care of it. We see this in our society today in every corner of the street. We see parents giving their children tablets instead of spending quality time with them. Tablets, smart-phones, computers equipped with games are the cheapest and the simplest baby sitters.


Nothing of this is surprising at all and in the defense of parents, we live in very stressful society where we work many hours and we not only lack the time to spend time with our kids, but we also are to tired to do it. We are constantly bombarded with information from our jobs, our smart-phones, our social medias. We live in a society where its almost impossible and not accepted to not be reachable 24/7

Twenty years ago we saw a weirdo when a person had some kind of technical device in their possession no one could identify, a nerd.

Today we see a weirdo when a person in a public place don’t have a smart-phone equipped.


Twenty years ago we weren’t as tired and stressed out as we are today and this is one of the reasons.

Most of us get tired mentally after spending more then two hours reading a book. Unless you are a professional, it wouldn’t be possible for you to read a book 8 hours in a row without getting tired. If this is okay to accept as a fact, then it should be the same as constantly reading fragments of text on social media and news all day long.

Could this be one of the reasons why we are tired all the time and don’t have any energy to spend time with our kids?

Is this one of the reasons the kids that are constantly bombarded with online stuff and are tired and lack energy and prefer games (which leads to game addiction in the end) instead of playing outside?


I witnessed a conversation between a father and his son in a coffee shop once and I couldn’t believe what I’ve heard. The kid was in such a terrible shape i couldn’t for anything in the world determine his age. Judge by his linguistic skills, he was around 6-7 but he was obese and because of all the fat surrounding his body, he looked like 13-15


The father suggested to the kid they would go eat a pizza and then go home and play some play-station football game. My reaction was like. -Why don’t you play with the kid outside instead, his cardiovascular system would definitely need it because as for now, they kid probably wont survive his thirtieth birthday.



This is of course an extreme example but if we look around in our society today, many parents prefer to have their kids game addicted because they lack time and energy to take care of them properly.