Dissection of 12 step program. step 1

In this series we will dissect the mainstream 12 step programs and prove point by point why its totally useless and why it shouldn't be used on people that suffer from game addiction


This is step number 1.


We admitted we were powerless over Gaming -- that our lives have become unmanageable.


Well fist of all. Let's establish the definitions ”powerless” and "unmanageable life”


The word ”powerless” means you are unable to do something or to stop something, which in this case is correct, the game addict is powerless over gaming because the game addict does have problems to stop gaming. However, the fact that the game addict is not really powerless because every time the game addict logs of to sleep, it's not gaming which means it shouldn't be called ”powerless”


A person in a wheelchair is powerless when it comes to jumping. Its just impossible.

A blind person can't finger point which of two paintings are the best because he or she cants see themt.

A deaf person can't direct where the sound comes from because the deaf person can't hear.


That is the definition of powerless. Powerless in this case means impossible. The fact that a game addict can stop at any time, means that the game addict is not powerless. It's a choice.

A person in wheel chair don't have a choice to jump just like a blind person don't have a choice to see or a deaf person have a choice to listen. They are powerless, a game addict isn't. Playing games is about choice not powerlessness. The first flaw is the first step of the mainstream 12 step programs.


The second definition to figure out is the ”our lives have become unmanageable”


What does that mean? How did the 12 step program managed to define what is an unmanageable life? Its so vague its seems even impossible to put a finger on it. How can the 12 step program claim that a game addict can't manage his or hers life? The game addicts are doing something they can, that's not unmanageable.


A blind person can't work as a color designer, that's perfectly clear ”unmanageable”


So it's a definition problem. The fact is that the statement is in general right. The game addict is powerless over gaming and the life of a game addict has”somehow” become unmanageable from a point of view that the game addict spends most the time in gaming with the result that there is very little time to do other stuff.

But the fact is that all the game addict is doing in order to be able to do more gaming, is to remove the less important tasks and spends that time on gaming.

Most of the time every one of us is doing other peoples agendas. There is no study of how much of the tasks we do that are put on our knees by other people.


Many married men complain about this when their wives have a lot of ideas of what different task has to be done and put those task on their husbands. Other peoples agendas.


The husband is forced to go shopping clothes with his wife because it's her agenda.

The husband is forced to go visit his parents in law because it might be their agenda or the wife's agenda.

The wife is helping her parents shopping because they are to old and weak, that's the parent's agenda.

The husband is taking the car for a car inspection because it's the transport agency s agenda.

The husband and the wife are forced to do their tax declarations because it's the tax agency s agenda.

The husband and wife are forced drive the kids back and forth from sport events because it's the kid's agenda.

The kid is going to school because it's the agenda of the state.

The kid does his homework because it's the agenda of the teacher, the same kid does help his or hers mom with the laundry, because its moms agenda.


The list about other peoples agendas is so long, we could probably write a bible sized book about it.


Maybe up to 90% or more of every event and task we do is because of someone else s agenda.

But what has this got to do with the game addict? When claiming that a game addict life has become unmanageable, you can argue from this example and a philosophical point of view, that maybe it's the other way around. The game addict just exclude all the things that are on other peoples agendas in order to have time for more gaming. By definition this should mean that the game addict, in reality is more free than the person doing stuff and participating in events because someone else wants them to.


Bottom line is.

There is somehow a general true in the first statement of the mainstream 12 step programs first point.

A game addict is powerless over gaming and his life has become unmanageable. But this is just a code name for.

The game addict is powerless and useless. The fact is that there is nothing wrong with the game addict. The game addict have a choice, which exclude the ”powerless” factor and the gamer s life is manageable due to excluding other tasks in his or hers life and other people agendas.

The reason why the game addict is addicted to games is to satisfy one or several of his or hers 6 human needs which is the core of understanding game addiction and since they can be satisfied to a much higher speed then in real life. This is just normal.


The right first step should go as following.


I'm a game addict, there is nothing wrong with me. I'm doing this because I need to satisfy my human needs. I need to figure out how to satisfy my human needs in real life to get the same happy experience as I get in games.


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