Dissection of 12 step program. step 5

In this series we will dissect the mainstream 12 step programs and prove point by point why its totally useless and why it shouldn't be used on people that suffer from game addiction


This is step number 5.


Admitted to God, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs.


We can read in step number 4 this is so extremely self depressing I can't believe no one has ever questioned it. Why would we sit down, with another person and tell them about our carvings, flaws, mistakes.

Can you imagine a diet club with overweight people meeting up and talking about how good cookies and cakes are? That's like putting salt to the wound. Why would we do that to ourselves? All we do is manipulating our minds in to negative things that we shouldn't focus on, Just like in the previous example where Tony Robbins crashed into the wall when thinking, don't crash into the wall.


What we should do is manipulate ourselves in a positive direction, something that is very easy. Let's say for the argument's sake we want to get in better shape but for whatever reasons, never got in to it. Why do you think is that?

The reason is, we manipulate ourselves into a negative state of mind.


I will prove it to you and I challenge you to prove me wrong.


Go to YouTube and start to listen to, health stuff like, benefits of running, benefits of fasting, benefits of super food, benefits of whatever that you might need to change in your life.

If you do this for just a few hours, your mind will switch and you whether you want it or not, your mind will go that health direction.

Try it for a few hours and prove me wrong.


This is the exactly same reason a self development coach will tell us to write down our goals, preferably on a paper and put it up on your refrigerator so we can see them over and over again and have our mindset towards the specific goal. Same thing goes if we talk to any professional personal trainer, fist thing the fitness coach will tell us to get a picture of the body we want from the net, photoshop it by replacing his or hers face picture with ours and put it in a place where we can watch it several times per day imagining ourselves in that shape already.


That's why the step number 5 in the mainstream 12 step program is a step in the wrong direction.

We do not need to torture ourselves by thinking and talking about the past mistakes.


I have a first hand experience from this.

I used to be a smoker for about 17 years. I loved my smoking over anything else. The taste combination of coffee and a cigarette in the morning is one of the best thing ever. The smoke breaks at school or at work where I could go out and have some fresh air and some moments of clarity thinking about my stuff in private. The boring waits at a bus stops where I could have a smoke and get time passed.

I loved every moment of this. However, as we all know, smoking does some heavy damage to our bodies. When I got older and weaker because of smoking. I quit and I miss it very much, but the damage it comes with, isn't worth it anymore.



Do you think it would be smart for me going to meetings for ex smokers and talk about all the fantastic coffee and smoke times, the brands and the other good stuff I miss with smoking?

Now of course not! Why should I torture myself? In fact, I'm suffering at this time writing about it because I miss it so badly. I would love so much to just take a break at this moment, have a coffee and go outside smoke thinking and analyzing in peace what I wrote here, how to improve it, what to write here next.


But now I'm done with it, its not worth the risks and life goes on and I focus on things I want to improve, not the things I miss.


Listen the self development coaches, focus on goals and work towards them. Listen to the fitness coaches, use the beach body picture as your goal, and work towards the goal you want to achieve.


This is how we reach our goals, not the other way around by thinking of the things we don't want. We shouldn't listen to the 5th step, it puts us in a negative state.


The real statement should be:


I accept that I've wasted a lot of time on gaming and missed a lot of other good stuff I could have spent my time on but I'm passed that now. I need to focus on the things I want to change, and focus only on them.


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