Why games are a danger to the society

Why games are a danger to the society.


The melt down of a game addicts social skills.


The reason why on line games are so dangerous to the society in general because in a game its easier to fail without any consequences like in real life. If you take a look at one of the human needs Love and connection: This is the one where you want to be loved, you want to be connected to someone or something, It could be a club, family, or anything else that will feel you connected.


In real life you need to join this club physically. You need to get dressed, you need to go to this gathering and participate. When you are new there are a lot of obstacles that comes with it. You need to meet new people, maybe introduce yourself to the group which many people are afraid of. You need to remember names, you need to learn your new friends spouses, children pets and all the stuff that comes along with meeting new people.


In on line game this process is much simpler. All you have in common is the game and the knowledge that is within the frames of the game. No one cares about your personal life, your race, your nationality, your age. Only your stats, weapons, armors, achievements in the game. And its here that the game advocates promote on line gaming as a very social environment and claim is as a good way to practice your social skills. There is two side of that story because paradoxically enough a 12 year old can be better and teach stuff to a 40 year old guy, something that would never happened in real life. Even when they both know each others age, they are all fine with it.


When you do this on line interaction year after year with avatars in a on line game. Do you really get any better in social interaction with people?

Of course you don't, in fact you get worse because in real life meeting with people, you don't have the barriers that protects you like you have in a game.


Acceptance in a on line games comes 95% of your skills/stats in a game and avatar. This can be what weapons, armor and general items you have that helps the group in gathering or killing mobs or bosses or whatever that game main mechanics is all about. In general you can have zero social skills and don't even have to be nice to people, and this is fine because the other people don't care about you, they care only about whats on your avatars items, skills, levels.


In real life its the opposite. If you join a bowling club. No one really cares about how well you do with the ball, they care more about what kind of a person you are, how you behave, if you are in general nice to be around.


So why does the on line games lead to meltdown of the game addicts social skills?


In real life 7 % of the communication comes from words, 55% comes from body language and 38% comes from voice tones. In on line games 70-100% of the communication comes from text and some from voice tones.


On line gamers and game addicts still miss out on the 55% of the body language, add to that fear of rejection like meeting new people, lack and you have a recipe for the meltdown of social skills