Why its easy for the contribution type of people to get rid of game addiction

Why its easy for the contribution type of people to get game addicted.


Contribution: a sense of service and focus on helping, giving to and supporting others. Contribution kind of people are those that want to help other people.

In real life these peoples primary need is to help other people or in some ways contribute to society. This can be joining a charity organization or a profession who's main reason is helping and contributing, like the health profession. To do this in real life takes some effort. To join and participate in a charity organization takes a lot of time. These people need to join it, they need to go meet the people from that organization after which, they need to spend time outside in different kind of weathers and collect money for some cancer treatment or whatever it can be. In online games this is little bit easier to complete. All that is needed is to learn some things about the game and help other people answering their questions in online open chats. The reasons why this is very addictive are many. Fear of rejection is one.


If a contribution type of person is joining a real life activity that has to do with contribution. He or she needs to go there in person, maybe dress up nicely. He or she needs to have some kind of social skills in order to talk to people. Maybe even learn a profession like nursing. In addition to that, there is a lot of fear of rejection.

Will they be accepted?

Will they do a good job?

Will they have knowledge enough?


This takes some time and requires a lot of effort and big risk of rejection. In an online game this process is much simpler. The game addict just learn a few things about the game and help others. Simple. Nothing can really go wrong because if the game addict will be rejected in any way, there is no fear of rejection because he or she sits behind the screen. Nothing can happen. This is the reason its very easy for the contribution type of people to get game addicted very easy.