Why its harder for kids to get rid of game addiction

Why is it harder for kids to get rid of game addiction.


When trying to quit gaming the most important part it to replace the gaming activity with in real life activities.

For an adult person to do this is much easier then for kids because the adult have some kind of base knowledge about the world, about activities. The adult had activities before he or she became addicted to games. Maybe the adult had friends he or she spend a lot of time with, maybe he or she used to go to a coffe-shop, maybe some sports activity or belonged to a club. The activities where there before he or she because addicted to games. In general, the adult know themselves quite good and the adult had the opportunity to test out tons of things in their lives so they have it much easier because of their life experience, they have activities to fall back on when trying to quit gaming.


The kid however, has a bigger problem because the kid knows nothing about the world or activities.

Lets say the kid started gaming when he or she was 10 years old

Now, what does a 10 year old know about the world or about themselves?

Well nothing really. 10 year old have really nothing to fall back on when trying to quit gaming exept maybe participating in Facebook. And knowing how the Facebook community works, where everyone just care about themselves because everyone wants to be the star of the day and only care the likes and comments they get and no one else. Maybe its the wrong forum to go to when trying replace gaming.

This is a catastrophe for the kid because he or she has nothing to fall back on, no knowledge of activities, no life experience, no activity experience, never tested anything in life.


To make this compare even more clear

This would be similar to a 10 year old that got into a coma for 20 years and woke up when he or she is 30.


What do you tell a person like that?


This now 30 year old knows nothing about the world, the system and has no life experience. Would we with a strait face tell this 30 year old to just go and manage his or her activities?


No! Of course not. For the same reason we cant put this burden on the 10 year old game addict, because he or she doesn't know any better.


Unfortunately, the solution isn't easy because in order to get the 10 year old game addict interested in other things, requires a lot of time and money from the parent.


The parent need to take the 10 year old game addict out and test new activities to expand the knowledge and let the 10 year old see that there are other things in the world that he or she might enjoy more then gaming. This is something the adult game addict has less problems with because he or she already knows a lot about the world and activities and usually know themselves well enough to know whats fun, whats interesting, where to put spend all the extra time and energy on.


The problem with the 10 year old is that all the time and money it requires to get that 10 year old game addict to expand his or her views, isn't there. With today's very stressful society parents dont have the time or energy or maybe even money to do all this.


They would need to take the 10 year out to try different activities. Maybe ice hockey. That is quite time consuming and the equipment costs a lot.

Maybe take him or her to a theme park. Thats time consuming and costs some money.

Maybe let the 10 year old girl try riding horses. Thats time consuming and from what i understand, costs a lot.

The list is huge of things that are both time consuming and costs a lot and add to this parents work a lot and dont really have the time. The result is that its much harder to help young game addicts that have no knowledge about activities, the world and themselves to quit gaming.


And on top of that. The easiest and cheapest thing there is out there as a activity, that costs about $10 per month is.........Online gaming