Why the mainstream 12 step program doesn't work

Why the 12 step program is close to useless


First of all, the 12 step program is noting more then a copy and paste form a alcohol and drug addiction program which is a fatal mistake because drug addiction is a physical addiction while game addiction is on a psychological level. The reason you cant mix the treatment of those two is because a drug addict have physical carvings, its the body that requires the drug. A game addict has no physical addiction at all, its all on a psychological level.


There is a very easy way to separate those compare the game addiction as to being in love, where you think about the person constantly 24/7 you wont stop thinking about your love if you do as the 12 step program suggests, getting a pet or go a singing course, sure this helps on physical addictions as nicotine addicts.


The physical addiction can be compared to something as simple as thirst. When you are thirsty to a point where you cant concentrate or having a conversation until you get those 3 glasses of water, until then you are not back to the normal you.


This is the reason you cant use the 12 step program on game addicts. A game addict thinks of his game like a person in love thinks about the person he or she is in love with. Because if this is the case, then we have a solution for everyone that is in love, just give them a 12 step program and they can follow it by getting a pet and take a dance course and they will stop being in love.


In the program Treat-Game-Addiction we split the points apart in depth one by one like for example the first one which is to accept you are addicted and give yourself up to higher power. This is all fine and full respect to all the religious people but this doesn't make sense on a logical level because if the game took over the game addicts life, this is then by default classified as a higher power. This per definition means that the game addict should go to the games in order to get rid of game addiction. Its like claiming that the person that is deadly in love, should go to the person he is in love with in order to stop loving that person.