Game addiction can lead to lifelong unemployment

Many companies in the western world complain about how hard it is to get competent workers. At the same time, many people in the age 18-26 complain how hard it is to find work.

Now, I don't claim all of them are game addicts, but the facts are. In the western world, we do have access to a very good social security system and unemployment benefits. If a person at the age of 18-26 can't find a job he or she is educated in, there is a lot of other things to do. I don't want to blame game addiction only because there are tons of other things to do in today's society like watching free movies, social media which never seems to bore people out as there are tons of feeds constantly. This means that if you live in a western world with a beneficial unemployment and security system. Its possible to live very cheaply having all the free entertainment that is provided to you through the internet. Also, the paid internet services like gaming is extremely cheap in comparison to entertainment done in real life.

Going to a coffee shop ordering a cup of coffee and a cake, cost nearly the same as a monthly subscription in an online game. A coffee shop visit takes 2-3 hours, for the same amount of money the online games offer one month where we can play 18 hours per day.

$15 per month and be able to have fun for so many hours for that amount of money? Good deal.

Let's say the game addict is unemployed and plays 18 hours per day.

30 days of playing adds up to 540 hours.

540 hours of fun for $15.

That means it costs $0.02 per hour.

Note that this is calculated on games that actually have a subscription fee. Many games have a one time purchase cost, and the rest is for free.

Thanks to this business model and the beneficial unemployment and security system. Its maybe no surprise why people in the range of 18-26 don't look for jobs which are outside of their educations.

Back in the days before the internet revolution. If a person was looking for a job. No matter what education the person had, they were looking for all kinds of jobs even outside their profession and stay in that job until a better opportunity comes up. That cycle is gone today because. If someone can spend their entire day on the internet, social media and games that cost $0.02 per hour.

Why should they look for jobs they are not educated or interested in?

The result of this can be devastating because when people don't look for jobs suited for their profession, they end up sitting at home gaming losing many years in the workforce.

The problem will turn up later when a job suited for their profession comes up, and they apply for it.

They will then get the default question.

- Your work experience Sir/Madam?

The answer will be

- No work experience.

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