How to deal with activity anxiety syndrome when trying to get rid of game-addiction.

The activity anxiety syndrome is something that kicks in when a game addict is trying to quit gaming. This means that the game addict is lacking activities and don't know what to do with all the spare time when he or she is logging out of the game and trying to quit gaming. So what is going on in a game addicts mind?

Brian Tracy the great self-motivational coach says.

-You are what you think about all day long.

A game addict spends maybe years online gaming. What do you think the game addict is thinking of all day long? Does this stop when the game addict tries to quit gaming?

No! Of course not. The game addict is stuck with the same thought patterns and thinks of the game even when trying to quit.

Thanks to this, the game addict is suffering from activity anxiety syndrome. He or she doesn't know what activities to replace with gaming.

Understanding the problem Its very easy unless we go through the 12 step mainstream game addiction program. The 12 step program, however, don't have any whatsoever solution to this more than standard things like, get a pet, take a dance course, take a drawing course. The result is that the game addict maybe is not interested in getting a pet, dancing or drawing which leads to suffering for the game addict thinking mostly of the game.

The proof of this is in the game addiction forums where people that have been game free for years are still suffering on a daily basis because they have no activities to replace gaming with. And those activities they find, are not satisfied enough because the activities are picked out of the blue with no whatsoever respect to the game addicts real needs and real interests. Just like mentioned before. Not everyone wants a pet, dance or draw. Different personality types and different human needs require different activities in order to be satisfied.

So how to solve this problem? Self-manipulation. It's easy and it's deadly effective.

This goes under Brian Tracy s principle "You are what you think about all day long"

So how do we get game addicts think about something else than games all day long?

The answer is easy, self-manipulation

This is how you manipulate yourself to change thought patterns I challenge you to try this. Pick a subject that is interesting for you. It can be anything, but it must interest you. Fitness, some sport, politics, some catastrophe, maybe some conspiracy theory, maybe some animal.

Now you spend the last 2-3 hours before you go to sleep on finding out as much as possible about this subject, check some documentary about the subject, read some blogs and websites. Find out as much as possible about the subject.

Then you go to sleep.

When you try to follow asleep, you will most likely have this subject in mind.

What do you think will be the first thing on your mind when you wake up the morning after? That's right! The subject you spend 2-3 hours on the evening before. The same self-manipulation principle is used when dealt with the activity anxiety syndrome. The game addict should first try the self-manipulation test from above to see that it's really working. After that, the game addict should spend 30 min before sleep to make a list of activities to do the day after. The game addict writes 5-15 activities before he or she goes to sleep that must be done the day after. It can be the smallest activities.

Go buy food.

Make laundry.

Do some old activity the game addict did before gaming, gym, bowling Clean up apartment Scan for jobs Create CV Create a profile on dating site Contact 3-5 old friends.

What happens when a game addict creates a list like this, the mind starts to work unconsciously in the sleep about the next day's activities.

Now, what do you think is on the game addicts mind when he or she wakes up the next morning? Exactly! The list of activities that has to be done.

This is amazing from two perspectives.

One is that the game addict self-confidence is rising as things from the list are done one by one and the game addict feels satisfaction from achieving things.

The second perspective is that tons of information are provided to the game addict when for example meeting with his or her old friends. The game addict is finding out new information. Maybe Sally got pregnant, maybe John is starting a new job. Maybe a new person moved to town and the game addict just is meeting him or her tomorrow. Maybe the game addict is invited to a gathering. Tons of things can happen during this day which leads back to Brian Tracy s statement. -You are what you think of all day long. And that's from a single list which takes 2 min to write.

Completing even less than 40% of the things on the list, lots of things can happen during that day that will switch the game addicts thinking patterns from gaming to other real life things. The first and most important step to a game free life is taken.

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