1.When you are not in the game, do you think about it?

If the answer is: Yes!

You have a serious problem because you are not in control of your mind and thoughts. If you can't log out of your game without thinking about it either you want it or not, you are a slave. Compare this question to other activities in your life, is there any other activity that prisons your mind the same way as gaming does? If you go out bowling with your friends, do you come home and replay the bowling event in your head repeatedly. You might give it a thought at times but not to the same extreme degree as you think of gaming.

The excuses.

It's no big deal. I'm just planning stuff, just like a hockey player thinks of his last game or next training. It's not about anyone's business what I think about.

There is nothing else of interests to think about.

If the answer is: No!

It seems you can enjoy your game, log out and not think about it. You are not or very little addicted.

2. Do you lie about your gaming?

This is a very interesting question because if you honestly say yes, then you probably already know you're in trouble, ever heard of an alcoholic hiding the bottles and claiming to everyone he or she didn't have a single drop today?

The excuses.

I don't want to tell them because they don't play, so they don't understand it anyway. I have nothing to talk to them about.

3. Do you get angry or aggressive when someone is trying to interrupt your gaming?

Definitely a sign of addictive behavior, you fail to achieve one of your six human needs that in-game and that triggers negative chemical reactions.

The excuses.

People also can get angry and aggressive if you interrupt their vacuum cleaning or football game on TV.

4. Are there things in your game that upsets you so bad that you get aggressive?

This is most likely a sign of game addiction. If you want that achievement or accomplishment so badly, that you get angry and aggressive, you have problems because you don't seem to enjoy the game for what it is, a game.

The excuses.

People also get aggressive and angry when they miss scoring in a football game or similar.

5. When you get angry or upset or disappointed in real life, is gaming the first thing you go to?

This is a sign of what's in the self-development industry calls, instant gratification where you satisfied one or more of your six human needs instantly by entering the game.

The excuses.

Other people watch TV or social media or eat when they get disappointed or upset or angry in real life.

6. When you wake up, is gaming the first thing on hour mind? Do you enter it?

If the answer is: Yes!

Its gone so far that your normal activities are not anymore on your mind.

The excuses.

I have to think of something. I have nothing of importance anyway to think about anyway. Other people think of their stupid stuff like social media or TV shows.

7. When are on vacation or similar scenario when you are out of home, do you try to find a way to game?

You are definitely addicted. If you are on vacation or similar and you cant think of anything else then hour game, you are 100% game addicted.

The excuses.

Other people think of their stupid and unimportant stuff when they are on vacation as well like TV shows, bowling or whatever

People take their social media games with them, and they watch their serials when on vacation too.

8. Have you ever uninstalled the game and later returned to it?

The fact that you decided to uninstall the game is the first sign that you have understood that you are addicted. The reason you failed because you were not able to satisfy any of the six human needs.

The excuses.

I have nothing better to do anyway, instead of watching stupid serials I can play.

I don't like outside.

If you want a  definitive confirmation without any doubt that you are a game addict, try this.

Uninstall the game on Friday before you go to sleep and see if you can be game-free for the entire weekend.  Of course, it is possible that you have high self-discipline and actually can log out for the weekend, but that doesn't mean you're not an addict. The question is if you can focus on other activities without thinking about the game. Watching a serial doesn't count.

9. Do you feel guilt and shame around your gaming?

Subconscious mind warning? Could this be the case that you deep inside know what you are going through a moment of clarity knowing you are out of control? You wouldn't be ashamed of being out with your friends bowling this afternoon, would you?

10.  Does gaming contribute to arguments in your relationships?

Here is one of the first signs, Your cover is blown. When the question came up as a debate, your closest ones now understands something is wrong.

The excuses.

There are tons of different excuses when arguing with your closest, parents or spouse. You watch TV and your stupid shows. I don't like to watch your stuff. 

When I play a game, I'm in control of what I do, when you watch TV, you follow it passively with no control of what's going on. My gaming gives me more stimulation than your TV shows.

I got bored of going out and seeing your friends, and I don't like your friends,

11. Has gaming taken the place of any offline activities you used to enjoy?

The real question is. How many? How many offline activities did you put aside for the last 6 months?

The excuses.

I got bored of doing that. Those events are boring, I don't enjoy them anymore

Would you quit them if you were not introduced to your game?

12. Do you forget events?

When you are doing real-life events, do you try to do them with the minimum amount of effort and as quickly as possible? Example of this is homework, house stuff like cleaning and things in general that requires concentration and practical effort.

If the answer is: Yes!

You are so game addicted that you cant do real life stuff with full effort because you want to go back to the game as fast as possible, the real-life events don't satisfy any of the six human needs.

The excuses.

This one doesn't require excuse because the tasks are done, just that they are done with the least amount of heart and effort.

A follow-up question, does your closest complain about how little heart and effort you are putting into stuff?

They probably are understanding that the game is taking over your life and most likely are getting sick tired of this.

The excuses.

What are they complaining about, the task is done, and they always complain, nothing to worry about?

13. Do you become irritated and get into defence mode when people claim you play too much?

Another sign of game addiction, when you are playing, many or all of the 6 human needs are satisfied, when someone suggests you should stop or cut down on game time, your basic human needs are in jeopardy on a subconscious level.

The excuses.

I play because I have nothing better to do, I don't complain when they do their stupid stuff like watching TV or spending time on social media all days.

14. Have you lost contact with friends and family since gaming?

This is a sign that something is wrong. You lost contact with your real life friends because you are spending too much time in your game, then you have gone too far with your gaming.

The excuses.

I don't like to spend time with them anymore. We have nothing in common and nothing to talk about.

A follow-up question.

Would you keep in touch with those friends if you wouldn't start gaming?

15. Do you have intense feelings (highs, lows, anger, fear) while gaming?

You get furious because you cant achieve a goal because you don't achieve one or several of the six human needs. Its sign that you are waiting for the adrenalin kick when you accomplish something in the game, and when that doesn't happen, you get these different feelings.

16. Do you eat while gaming or forget to eat while gaming?

You don't want to waste time off the game, so you eat while playing, definitely addiction.

The excuses.


What's the big deal anyway? People eat while driving a car or watching a movie.

17. Are most of your friends gamers?

Definitely an addiction sign, this is a dangerous one because it satisfies the one the human needs “Connection/Love” which makes it deadly from an addiction perspective.

The excuses.

Friends are friends, what's the difference if they are online or offline, my offline friends are not fun to be with, we have nothing in common. 

Most of us who identify ourselves as game-addicts, answer yes to many of these questions. If you have answered yes to several of them, you might consider how much you have in common with us and find it's about time experimenting with the solutions that have worked well for us.

You might consider these additional questions while thinking about any obsessive and compulsive behavior you might have around gaming and its effects on your life. Many of us have answered yes to many of these questions.

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