WARNING! World health organization trying to push gaming as a mental disorder!

The WHO (world health organization) wants to classify gaming as a mental disorder.

This is wrong on every level First of all. No matter what the mainstream 12 step game addiction quitting program says, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a gamer or game addict.

The gamer or game addict is not sick or injured. All he or she does is satisfying one or several of the six human needs which the game addict gets from participating in an online game.

If you break a leg, You have an injury, and you need a recovery. This is done by putting your leg in plastic for a few weeks until your injury recovers properly and you can take off the plastic and start running again. Injury and recovery. A game addict has no injury. Where there is no injury, there is no need for recovery.

WHO wants to push gaming as a mental disorder and this is very dangerous because the cure they will have for this will probably be psychotropic drugs.

Gaming and game addiction is far from a mental disorder. To claim gaming and game addiction is a mental disorder is like claiming the photographer that loves his or her photography and spend most of the free time to practice it, is mentally disordered.

Brian Tracy the great self-development coach talks in one of his programs about 20% of all the people (at least in sales) are making 80% of the money. Those 20% have one thing in common. They constantly educate themselves in the sales profession. When Brian Tracy was running a sales business and hired people he had only one question that determined if the person got the job. The question was.

-What was the last book, program or seminar you studied after your graduation?

As you probably can understand, only 20% of the salesmen could easily answer which books they read, programs they studied or seminars they attended. The rest of the 80% did none of that.

Could you argue that the 20% of the people that continue to educate themselves have a mental disorder while the rest of the 80% that don't study a single thing after they graduate are perfectly healthy?

Imagine a medical doctor that graduated 30 years ago and haven't studied a single thing since graduation. This medical doctor is by the new WHO standard they try to implement on gamers

and game addicts, totally normal while a medical doctor that graduated 30 years ago and continues studying the medical profession by reading up news, studies the new scientific changes in diabetes, cancer, nutrition or whatever specialization the medical doctor have.

Would you argue that this doctor has a mental disorder? No. Of course not. This medical doctor has just a passion for the profession and wants help people better by studying things that are relevant.

Same goes for gamers and people that are game addicted. They just love their game and it has nothing to do with mental disorder.

The very scary thing about what the WHO is trying to push is that mental disorder is treated with psychotropic drugs. At least I've never heard of a mental disorder treatment where lifestyle changes are promoted with better nutrition, more exercise.

The path that the WHO is taking on this is very dark, at least for children in elementary schools where the teachers will have just another weapon for 10-year-old Billy that is more interested in playing some game on his cell phone instead of listening 7 hours per day on information he has no interests in. And Let's face it. The teaching profession is the only profession in the world where you can blame your failures on the client, the children.

If Billy didn't understand the French revolution and the variety of reasons it turned out like it did and preferred to play a game on his cellphone.

That means he has a mental disorder?

It doesn't seem to mean that the teacher wasn't competent enough to get Billy interested in it and teach it correctly.

No, Billy gets the blame with a mental disorder label and with that, comes some terrible psychotropic drugs with some nasty side effects.

Please don't listen to WHO about this issue. There is nothing wrong with the gamer or game addicts. They are not mentally ill. You don't want to put psychotropic drugs in a perfectly mentally healthy kid, or adult for that matter.

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