About Treat Game Addiction Program

In treat-game-addiction in you will get all the tools necessary to get rid of your game addiction. It took about six years to create this program and the focus of this program is to concentrate on your inner game.

A game addicts biggest problem is to figure out what to do with all the free time after he or she is out of the game.

Unfortunately, the mainstream 12 step programs is a copy and paste program from the Anonymous alcoholic program and those are two different addictions and can't be treated in the same way.

In the Treat-Game-Addiction program, I will not tell you to get a pet or take a dance course in order to quit gaming like they do in the mainstream 12 step programs for gaming.

Treat-Game-Addiction concentrates on the several theories you need to understand in order to quit gaming, and once you understand these theories, that will allow you to learn a certain set of practices and step by step skills that will help you get rid of the game addiction.

If you don't understand the theories, then you won't be able to understand the practices and their skills.

In Treat-Game-Addiction I will teach you these "get rid of game addiction" theories. Once you understand the theoretical elements of game addiction, then I will teach you the step by step method to get rid of the game addiction.

You will learn to identify which of the six human needs are most important to you with the most accurate test designed especially for your needs.

You will learn the eight main reasons why you play and how to counter that. You will learn about mind prediction and how to counter that. The mind can't predict new future events because of it's your preconceptions, which is one of the key reasons why you can't quit gaming

There are things you have done in the past that have gotten you to the game addiction problems that you are at. There are things that you are going to need to do right now if you want to quit gaming and get to the gaming free life you want.

Then there is the future, the rest of your life, there are specific practices and rituals that you are gonna need to put in place if you want to quit gaming and want to keep it off for life,

You will learn past-present-future where I will teach you how to not think of the past and refresh your gaming memories and concentrate on the present instead.

You will learn to identify your personality type in order to find out tasks or events you could do in real life so you won't be missing your game.

When you are trying to quit gaming, there are a few main situations in life that you're going to find yourself in.

A few of them are going to be:

You are bored and don't know what to do with your time.

You are stressed when you are out of your game. That's one situation game addicts commonly find themselves in.

You are stressed and are at work or school. You immediately start thinking about gaming. We get certain feelings that amplifies the feelings and desire for gaming and alone allows us to do is to go home and log in to the game.

You will learn how to control your thought in order to not think of the game.

You will learn about the different gaming reasons:

Human need gaming.

Dwarf gaming.

Comfort zone gaming.

Micro gaming.

Adrenaline kick through gaming.

Offline endless time syndrome.

Health deprivation due to adrenaline surplus.

Activity anxiety syndrome.

You will learn how to categorize them and identify which is your strongest and counter that.

If you have been trying to quit gaming, then you know! You know that There are three elements that are of prime important.

One is the physical part, gaming makes you passive. Another part that isn't considered very often, but might be even more important, is the Emotional part.

Have you ever heard the term "human need gaming"?

You play because you have a need to satisfy one or several of the six human needs. And finally third part of game addiction is the intellect realm, Its what You think about all day long. When you are outside your game, you still think of it and because you think about. It affects how you feel about your real life.

You will learn about the three brains. The physical, the emotional and the logical, how they contradict each other and control your gaming.

You will learn how to categorize the needs of the three brains and how to use that against your game addiction.

If you want to quit gaming you probably know that you are going to need to suffer because of you don't know what to do with your time, you probably already aware of that you are going to be bored and suffer from anxiety. And it's all going to be unpleasant.

Wrong!! In fact, with the Treat-Game-Addiction I'm going to show you today, you don't need to be bored or suffer or miss your game at any time.

You will learn why the difference between the mainstream 12 step program and Treat-Game-Addiction program and the many reasons the mainstream 12 step programs is hurting you. You will get the tool to quit gaming without suffering.

You will learn about the difference between game addiction and physical addiction. You will learn about the time and energy modes of gaming.

You will learn the health risks of gaming.

You will learn the possibilities of moderation gaming.


I was introduced to video gaming when I was 6. It was a completely whole new world! Gaming for me is way more fun than reading comic books or going camping in the woods. I liked being outdoors but beating the game was more exciting. I can still remember that day in grade school when I pretended to be sick a day before a scheduled field trip just to have a valid reason to stay in my room and have unlimited time with video gaming. Gaming completes my day, makes me happy, makes me complete.


I was 21 when I got married to a very beautiful and wonderful woman. Its a chapter of my life that I considered myself the luckiest man in the world. When my son was born a year after, It made me the happiest man in the universe! Nothing beats the feeling of being a father and a husband. The responsibility associated with being a father is not easy. Going back in the history of mankind, the males are the ones that protect and provide the needs of the family.  Maybe this is why males are genetically designed hunters. The strong physique was the tool for these hunters to perform the demanding task of being the light of the home.


However, that's not my case. After a while, I was not satisfied with my marriage and spent most hours of the day gaming. I have expressed the hunter within me. A hunter that seeks not prey in the wild. But a hunter of an unending pursuit of high scores in the comfort of my living room with nothing else in mind to accomplish. I was acting the opposite what a father and a husband should be. For countless times, I was more faithful with my video games than I was with my wife. To be honest, my games gave me more happiness and contentment than with the person I married to be the extension of my life. I can’t blame anybody. I just don't want to be disturbed while I’m in the middle of a game.


It was not long before my wife gave me a choice,  the game or the family, the choice was easy, I packed my stuff and moved out. I was alone but very happy. I couldn't help myself not play video game even just for a day,  I was too attached with gaming that it relieved the pain and I carried on with the thing that completes my life, gaming!


While I was a hero in the gaming world, I was zero in real life. I did not notice that the hair on my face didn’t meet any shave for a long time that it makes me look like a wolverine. It didn't even bother me.


I had my own company but where I rented out labor to heavy industry. It was a real pain to spend one hour per month of free time to pay out salaries and sending bills to the clients. And when the financial crisis 2008 hit,  our staff was released and I lost my clients. I was very happy,  finally, I could spend all day gaming and not waste time in my employees' salaries, time reports, and billing. Now I had no family,  no clients,  no friends and I felt freer than ever. But in reality,  my game addiction had turned into an obsession. 15-17 hours per day on gaming didn't feel enough. I smoked 60 cigarettes per day. My apartment looked worse than at a pathological family where everyone is continuously drunk.


If the social services saw that, they wouldn't have any problem getting a court order, forbidding my son to visit me at my apartment due to non-existing sanitation.


The years passed by and my obsession became worse and worse,  even to a point where I got annoyed by a phone call, something I saw was robbing time from my gaming.  At this point, I finally understood that there is something wrong with me and this can't continue, and if I was supped to get any whatsoever normal life, I must quilt gaming. However, like every addict, non-matter what kind. I just became an expert finding out excuses why I need to stay in the game.


The only positive part of my gaming addiction and I'm not saying this as an excuse, was the part that I could study while leveling my game avatars. Leveling means you stay at level one and you need to kill hundreds of monster to get to level 2!  To max out your avatar could take months. While leveling my avatars, I listened to audio programs and seminars, mostly about self-development and business. I think I've heard to all of Brian Tracy’s programs and most of Tony Robbins. One day I came across a program that was about psychology, and they talked about how or 3 Brains work against each other and then it suddenly got all clear, after 30 years of game obsession it just hit me how I could get rid of it. I wrote down my steps to get rid of game-addiction, tested some ideas I have been working on and two days later I got rid of my Game addiction.


Now suddenly I had 15 hours per day of free time which I had no idea how to spend. I started to take care of my body. I cleaned up my apartment, I started o spend lots of time with my family, I picked up contact with other old friends. There was still a lot of time left I didn’t know what to do with so I started to watch TV serials and movies to the point that now this took most time of my day. It took I me about a month to realize that traded one addiction for another and nothing changed. Except for one very important thing. I traded away the things I loved most, gaming, to do something I didn't like that much, watching serials and movies. And I asked myself a question.

Why shall use my 5 hours on an activity I don't like as watching movies if I can do the in things I like, gaming. And it hit me. It was never about game addiction, it was about time management. I understood that we humans need to have pleasure, some watch TV, some go to a football game, some go to a coffee shop meet friends and some are playing games. And its nothing wrong with that.  All I needed to do is figure out a way to manage my time so I could have it all, both spend a few hours per day on gaming, take care of my body, have a normal social life with my friends and family. 


I spend months going through every time management program I could get my hands on. But they didn't teach me anything,  for them, it was all about setting goals! Making to-do lists and daily tasks, this made no sense to me. I already know what I need to do, I need to clean up my apartment, make food, spend time friends, take care of my body, but I needed to do it faster, more effective. I needed to do it like a robot in an assembly line, putting pieces together in the same sequence hundreds of time per day without errors, without wasting any time.


With big disappointment, I threw away all time management programs. They were worthless. Now I wanted to invent my time management program, a serious one, because I wanted to do my stuff faster, like a robot with no time loss and not to learn to write some stupid to do list. A few months later, after testing and tweaking my effectivity program was ready. The result was so fantastic I couldn't believe it. I had developed a perfect working system where I had an organized life with time for everything that was on my agenda, and I had spare time to do whatever I wanted with my free time. It takes for example 24 seconds to dress for the gym and 38 seconds to get dry and dressed after the gym if I did everything in a particular order, This is how good the program is. Now I started gaming again and it turned out as a total fiasco. The time management program was the only thing that was working which was the reason my game addiction got worse than ever before. This time was different, my time management program was so amazing, I spend max 15 min per day to have a perfectly clean apartment and I had everything in order. I didn’t waste any time trying to find stuff I needed.

This resulted in me not having any quilts about being a game addict again since my house, my health was in great shape was in order


My life was great again but after a while, I discovered that I was as game addicted as before. I realized the game addiction thing wasn’t good enough It worked on how to brutally quit gaming but there was something missing.I couldn’t help thinking of the game 24/7. The 12 step program recommended online wasn’t working for me. It didn’t make any sense for me to surrender myself to a higher power than myself in order to quit gaming. I’m not a believer so in my case, gaming was the higher power as it took over my life. By default, this should mean that it's the games I should turn to in order to quit gaming. Half of the steps in those programs are about faith, spirituality, and god. I was more interested in scientific and psychological answers why I was a game addict and I started to search for it.


I spend three years hardcore studying. I looked for everything I could find that was related to addiction. I went through all the psychology, philosophy, addiction and everything else that had to do with self-development, I took addiction courses in universities. I re-listened to all the Brian Tracy and Tony Robbins seminars again and again. I have discovered why it was never about time management. It was never about game addiction, it was never about time. It was all about the personality types and what to do to enjoy myself 100% of the free time outside of the game. After discovering this and how it works, I finally created Treat-Game-Addiction which I tested on game addicts and it worked. Today I’m game free and happy to be able to help other people with my Treat-Game-Addiction program.

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