Case study. How to treat game addiction determining the six human needs and personality type.

If a game addicts want to quit gaming it's of prime importance to deal with the "Offline endless time syndrome." This is when the game addict doesn't know what to do with his or her time. Everything seems boring outside the game. To solve this problem there are a certain set of practices that must be done. One is to discover which of the six human needs are most important to the game addict. The next step is to determine what personality type the game addict i. This is important because, if two persons have same human needs, it doesn't mean that they should do the same thing.

I had a client whose most important need was the contribution.

When he was game addicted, the contribution was the need that gave him the most satisfaction.

He spends most of his time in the game by helping others. He was so obsessed by helping others he even had contact with the game developers helping them with game bugs, developing the game and he even helped them by sending them codes because he was a coder so he knew this.

We could by default judge that this person should find some in real life activity that helps other people like joining some Charity organization, study something in the health professionals like a nurse, maybe a teacher where he could help kids. However, advising this would be a disaster for this person because as it turned out. He was this mathematical type of person. He was a coder knowing most of the programming languages. His social skills were literary zero. Until this day I don't know how the guy looks like because he was to shy to show his face on Skype to me. This literary means we can't determine a person's real interests by just knowing which of the six human needs are most important to this guy. Because if we do, we end up giving him wrong advice. This is the reason we need to determine what kind of personality type he is before deciding what to do next.

We came to the conclusion based on the lack of his social skills that getting into charity or profession that helps humans one on one, is the wrong approach. So by knowing both his most important human need and his personality type, we just run an exclusion method of what in real life activity not to do.

We excluded all the activities where his most important need, contribution, meaning he needed to meet people in person. This was impossible for him because he was the mathematical type knowing codes, numbers, and formulas, not how to deal with people in real life situations.

After excluding everything that has to do with face to face meeting and looking for something that fits both most important human need, and that fits his personality type.

He came up with something that changed his life in a blink of an eye.

He has always been angry at the instructions we find on the web about computers and the technical area. So he claimed that

Quote" its written by idiots and no person that doesn't understand the computer stuff, will understand what they say"

I said: -: Perfect. You know computers and understand all the technical things. How about you rewrite it in a simple language everyone will understand?

You will satisfy your most important human need, contribution, you help people and you will do the thing that is in symbiosis with your personality type.

You will do nearly exactly the thing you did in your gaming, helping people figure out the game and helping the game developers figuring out bugs in the game.

And there it was. By exactly determine which of the 6 human need was most important for this guy and combine that with his personality type, my job was easy.

Do you still believe we should listen to the mainstream 12 step program

and tell this guy to get a pet, take a dancing course or learn to paint?

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