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Dwarf gaming leads to the destruction of health.

If you study a good time management program, you will get to rate all activities you have in your daily life on what tiredness level from one to five where level one is like one hour from when you go to sleep to five where this is the time you got the most amount of energy.

Brian Tracy talks about similar things in his book Eat That Frog where he suggests to do the most boring and most challenging something the first thing in the morning. Of course, Brian Tracy is right! This is the time where your energy is as highest.

Dwarf gaming means that a gamer plays the game when he or she is on energy level one, meaning dead tired and is not capable of doing any serious task. To a non-game addicted person, this would compare to watching TV before going to sleep or reading some drama book where they don't have to concentrate much. Dwarf gaming is the games way to spend time without any energy requirement. How its possible to fully participate in an online game for a game addict, you can read here.

Now, why does dwarf gaming lead to serious health problems?

Dwarf gaming is very closely connected to the concept "You do what you know best" because for dwarf gaming to be even possible, the gamer needs to know exactly what he or she is doing without spending any energy or effort doing that task, For a non-gamer, this can compare to dishwashing. Everyone knows exactly what has to be done when doing dishwashing. There is no need to think or concentrate, it's like riding a bike. You do it without thinking. In a good time management program, it says that those tasks that you can do on autopilot without thinking and use any energy on, do them 1-2 hours before you go to sleep as you don't need any significant amount of energy to do them.

OK, so why goes dwarf gaming lead to serious health problems?

Dwarf addiction triggers something called adrenaline kick through gaming. This means that when the game addict is dead tired and enters a game, the adrenaline is building up in the body and it postpones the need for sleep. This leads to serious health problems because as innocent as it seems, just log in for one hour before sleep, whats the big deal? But still deadly because of the adrenaline kick through gaming that kicks in when the game addict enters the game. The longer period of time the game addicts do dwarf gaming, the more serious the problems because of sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation caused by game addiction you can read about here.

In the short run, the game addict doesn't notice any changes in health due to reduced sleeping hours because the body's survival mechanism is designed to adapt to every situation. But in the long run, the health results are catastrophic because the body doesn't regenerate as it should. It's like using a car without doing no maintenance to it. It will start and drive you from point a to point b, but in the long run, the car will be destroyed.

This is why something so innocent like dwarf gaming is devastating for a game addicts health.