Dwarf gaming

Dwarf gaming is an expression for gaming that is done when the player's energy level is at its lowest. This is like up to 2 hours before the game addict goes to sleep. The gamer has no energy to do anything serious in real life but gaming. This type of gaming is especially powerful combined with comfort zone gaming where very little concentration requirement is needed and micro gaming where an only small task that takes less than 3 min to be done. Comparing this to a non-game addicted person would be like watching tv, checking facebook, email, news.

Dwarf gaming is the most dangerous to a game addicts health because the emotional feelings the game provides before sleep time leads to the game addict not feeling tired which results in the game addict goes to sleep later then the body wants to. In long turn, this is devastating for the game addicts health due to lack of sleep. Usually, it's the adrenaline that postpones the need for sleep.

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