Health deprivation due to adrenaline surplus

Adrenaline is created in the body when a game addict is excited. There are hundreds of things in a game that make the game addict excited which leads to sleep deprivation. When a game addict plays a game 1-2 hours before original sleep time, the excitement is so big that it creates adrenaline in the body which postpones the need for sleep. This is similar to people that want to participate in rave parties that last a few days. In order to participate fully in those rave-fests, some of the ravers use drugs so they can stay up 2-3 days in a row. However, after those 2-3 days of sleep deprivation, the raves usually sleep for the same amount of time to balance out the lack of sleep. This doesn't happen to a game addict because next evening, the adrenaline kick starts again. Its hard to predict the result of this but we could argue that in a period of 10-20 years from now, we will face millions of people suffering from varies of health issues. The reason of this is that sleep is one of the key elements the body has to regenerate and this process is slowly decayed in a game addicts body.

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