Secondary human need gaming

Secondary human need gaming is an expression that describes the part of human need gaming that is not so important for the game addict. The reason it's important to understand this term is that its used for those game addict that can moderate gaming.

Yes, moderate gaming is possible.

One of the main reasons game addicts spend so much time in the game is because of secondary human need gaming. If a game addicts primary human need is “Connection/Love: a strong feeling of closeness or union with someone or something” The game addict have a strong need to be connected to a society or guild or membership club or other kind of gathering where they can feel they can belong and be a part of the group and do gaming things where group activity is involved like, attacking a big boss in a dungeon or doing group player versus player.

Compare this to real life is people that join different clubs and organizations.

If it turns out that its late at night, and all the game addicts friends went offline or sleep. By not being able to satisfy the primary human need, the game addict takes gaming to a lower level, the secondary human need. For example Growth: an expansion of capacity, capability or understanding These gamers don't have any strong need for growth and learning new things. These people just want to know as much as possible about the game. They just want to expand the knowledge about whatever they happened to be interested in within the game. It can be, study tactics, weapons, amour, classes. Compare this to real life is people that study different topics and subject just for the knowledge sake.

Even if growth isn't the highest on the game addicts list, he or she still spends time doing it while not being able to satisfy the primary human need which is connection and love since everyone is offline.

This is the thing that separates game addicts that want to moderate the game from those that can't. Satisfying growth, can even be done offline while for example, the game servers are down due to maintenance because the game addict can satisfy the secondary human, growth, by reading guides or information about the game, the classes, the weapons on an internet forum or a specific guide site dedicated for the game he or she is playing. Cutting out secondary human need gaming is the key to moderation.

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