How being a game addict can actually save you money.

Being addicted to games can have a few positive outcomes. One of them is the ability to save money.

Almost every activity in real life costs money.

Going out with friends to a coffee shop ordering a cake and a cup of coffee costs nearly as much as a one-month game subscription. There is not much more to be written in this article then just stating the facts.

A game subscription costs about $15 per month for that you can participate in the game how many hours you want. 3 hours per day or 20 hours per day, the cost is the same.

This would make online gaming the cheapest paid activity on the planet.

For $15 you have things to do for the entire month. The reason you save money is that there are hundreds of things to do in an online game and you will never get bored. You complete one task, you find another task to work on, if you get bored, you start to farm something to buy some item you need. When you get bored with that, you go back to or start a new task. The time passes fast, you have fun and since there are so many tasks in the game to do. You don't have to go outside and spend money on real-life activities. Now have in mind that there are thousands of games out there where you pay only to buy the game for about $20-$50 with no subscription fee, that's even cheaper.

Of course, game addiction is a terrible thing and not recommended to anyone. But sticking to the facts. The game addict can save a lot of money. There are very few activities in the real world where the game addict can pay $15 per month and be able to have fun for so many hours for that sum of money. Let's say the game addict is unemployed and plays 18 hours per day. 30 days of playing adds up to 540 hours.

540 hours of fun for $15.

That means it costs $0.02 per hour.

Like mentioned before about the coffee shop example where it costs about $15 to buy a coffee and a cake, a procedure that takes 2-3 hours. The difference is huge.

So if you are a game addict, at least do your self a favor and save some money, you will need it the day you decide to quit.

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