How a game addict actually can master social skills

When a game addict participates in a game, he or she is in an incognito mode. This means that there is no fear of failure or fear of rejection. The game addict can do pretty much anything in the game without facing any consequences. Unfortunately, this is used to negative things like calling people bad names, telling them how bad they are and in general sexist and racist remarks.

The reason behind this is that the game addict sits behind a screen and don't face any consequences for the rude actions. When we drive our cars and some other drivers tend to drive into our lane, we tend to scream, call him or her bad names and depending on our mood, even wishing that driver to crash and die. If a similar event happened in an elevator where a random person accidentally hit our shoulder, we would smile at each other, apology to each other, and wish each other a nice day.

One of the good things that actually can come out of a game addiction is the practice of social skills. Instead of logging in to a game and be a general prick to everyone around. Log in and try being nice to people, in the same way like in the elevator example.

Amazing social skills can be practiced in a game because there are hundreds of things to do in a game that requires groups and it's a perfect environment to practice social skills.

A game addict practicing social skills in an online game has absolutely nothing to fear. All he or she needs to do is start to talk to people and let the conversation take its natural path from there. The worst thing that can happen is the person tells the game addict to go away, usually in a rude language. From there the game addict can make a decision, continue the conversation trying to soften up the person or, just leave.

The next level is to create events where several people need to gather up and do an online task together. This is the best way for a game addict to practice social skills. Lead the group, talk to people, engage in conversations. The best thing about this that the game addict can't fail. If the group is bad, then the game addict leaves the group and starts a new one.

I discovered this when I was a game addict. I used to join groups to be able to participate in the events that required a lot of players. But to join a group takes a lot of time because usually, the event requires a special setup. If the group already had the type of player I was which my avatar, I was rejected. I started then to create my own groups in order to get to play much faster because I could decide for myself what setup to use and the process went much faster. When I wanted to join a group, it could take one hour to get accepted. If I created a group, I was up and running with a full group writing 5-10 minutes.

It was the best way to practice social skills without fear of rejection, fear of being ridiculed and so on. Of course, when we failed our tasks, it happened that I got to be called names and how bad leader I am. But since I was hidden behind the screen, I couldn't care less. If this happened to me in real life, my self-confidence would probably drop to the ground. But in an online game as a game addict, great. I tried to learn from my mistakes, remove the player that abused me verbally in the game and take in a new one and continue practicing.

If you are a game addict and still haven't taken the decision to quit gaming.

Have a go at trying to lead people, create groups and practice your social skills and have something good coming out of your game addiction. Remember, it's OK to fail and start over. They don't know you anyway since you are behind the screen.

If a game addict follows those steps, he or she can master social skills.

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