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How comfort zone can lead to game addiction

Comfort zone gaming is the description of a gamer that knows the game so good that the gaming goes on autopilot.

Compare this to real life person that knows how to ride a bike or drive a car. The danger with comfort zone gaming is that it becomes an integrated part of the game addicts life because even if the game addict don't enjoy the game. The game addict still prefers that kind of gaming instead of doing things in real life.

There have been several studies among lottery players where asked a question:

-What would be the first thing you would do if you won the jackpot? 90% of the people answered.

- I would quit my job.

Now, this is quite a scary answer because this means, that 90% of people are not satisfied with their jobs. If we go deeper into this and look at the numbers. About 25% of our life we spend at our work. And 90 percent of the population seems to be dissatisfied with their jobs, jobs they spend 25% of their lifespan in? There are a lot of theories about why this is but its similar to game addictions comfort zone gaming.

It has to do with the expression “ people do what they know best.”

If a person has been working the same job for 20 years doing the same thing day in and day out. It's a kind of comfort zone, This is connected to self-esteem and self-confidence, the human need “certainty” and one of the biases in cognitive psychology called “towards and away from” more about this here

Self-confidence vs Self-esteem. There is a big difference between self-esteem and self-confidence. Unfortunately, not many people know this. If they knew, their approach to important life decisions would be different.

In the book, six pillars of self-esteem Nathaniel Branden explains the difference between these two.

Self-confidence is the core that we think about ourselves. How we are as persons.

Self-esteem is more connected to the current situation. Self-esteem differs from time to time depended on what we are doing.

If we had the same job for 20 years doing the same thing. Our self-esteem in that environment is on top. Its 100% we know exactly what to do, there is nothing more to learn, we do the job on autopilot. Just like riding a bike. Everybody from the age 12 and up has 100% self-esteem when riding a bike.

When we visit a gym for the first time. We will face a totally new environment, Our personal trainer will talk about things we hear for the first time. There are fifty different training machines that look all the same and the machines are not making any sense. We have no idea how they work, how to work out on them, how to set up the weighs, how many to pull or push. Our self-esteem is on the bottom because we are out of our comfort zone in this situation.

Its similar to when we visit a new restaurant we been never to before.

We don't know if the waiter comes to us first or if we need to wave the waiter in.

We don't know if we need to book a table if we can choose where to sit or if it will be assigned to us.

We don't know if we need to get the menu ourselves of if the waiter will come with it.

We don't know if we need to pay in advance or after we have eaten, we don't know if it is standard to tip in this restaurant or not.

Our self-esteem is on at the bottom because this is a new area and we know nothing about. We are insecure because we have no information on how it works in this restaurant. We are out of our comfort zone in this situation.

The second time we visit the restaurant, we know the procedure and our self-esteem is this environment is on 100% because we know the procedure in this restaurant. The same with the gym example. After a few times in the gym, we know the machines, we know how they work, we know how what weigh we should use, we know how many we need to push or pull. Our self-esteem is on top again.

Comfort zone gaming is connected to self-esteem. The game addict feels confident in what he or she is doing in the game. The self-esteem is on top and that's the main reason of comfort zone gaming. Just like in the case where 90% of the population that are not satisfied with their jobs. Their self-esteem is on top, they know what to do at work, they are confident.

This is why comfort zone gaming leads to game addiction.