How game addiction can actually lead to extreme learning.

They did a study once where they put a hundred people in a classroom and let them watch pictures to test how many pictures they would recognize. It turned out that most of the test object recognized 96% of the pictures.

Now. How can game addicts benefit from this? By learning things while they play.

Most of the online games have things to do that don't require any concentration. Like gathering materials which take hours. Leveling up some skill which takes even months. When a game addict is trying to quit gaming, the biggest problem is the offline endless time syndrome and anxiety activity syndrome where the game addict suddenly has tons of time and no activity to fill it with which is a recipe for relapse. In order to quit gaming without suffering, as the game addict will do using the mainstream 12 step-program where they tell you to get a pet, take a dance course or start to draw which by the way isn't suited for every personality type, the game addict needs to prepare properly.

There is a killer strategy preparation for this. The game addict should manipulate him or herself and change the thought patterns by starting to pick a subject. Pick a subject of interests in form of an audiobook or some YouTube channel or some podcast. It can be any subject the game addict might find interesting. Weight loss, fitness, astronomy, history, business, psychology, medical health. There are thousands of subject. Now the game addict logs in to the game and turns off the game sound, and start to listen to the subject he or she has chosen.

This leads to two very important things. As I wrote at the beginning of the article. We tend to recognize in general 96% of the pictures we have seen. When a game addict is playing the game and at the same time listens to, let's say a history channel. If the game addict is doing some monotone things in a game that don't require concentration and at the same time listening to let's say, a history channel where they talk about world war two.

The game addict is listening to what said about the history while playing the game. What's fantastic about this is that, since we tend to remember 96% of the pictures we have seen before. Precisely the same thing happens when we listen to the history program and playing the game. The game is the picture.

What does that mean?

If the history program tells some very important or interesting story that caught the game addict attention where the game addict is in the middle of the game outside a house gathering some material in a forest.

He or she will remember the picture of what they were doing and connect that to the exciting story that is being told.

I still remember important points I was listening to from 15 years ago. I remember the lines, the arguments and where I was in the game. Every single time I went back to those places in the game. It always reminded me of the subject I was listening to and those exact important points and arguments that were told. It's quite scary, but good at the same time.

The second important point of this is that the game addict needs to change thought patterns in order to quit gaming without suffering by having nothing to do with their time. This is fixed by this method because if the game addict spend one month doing this, testing different subjects. They change their thought patterns and have other things to think of and continue studying them after they decide to get rid of their game addiction.

When the game addict is ready to quit gaming, the thought patterns are changed and its easier to focus on something else then the game.

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