Lack of knowledge and acceptance of game addiction leads to real addiction.

A mother of two has a problem with one of their kids that spend most of his spare time on gaming. The kid is 12 years old and plays play-station and counter strike. Of course, the real reason the kid got addicted in the first place is that games are the best babysitters, and cheapest. But never mind that for now. The reason we got this story is that the kid had problems falling asleep so the mother took him to a doctor which prescribed some kind of calming medicine for kids.

This is, of course, a disaster because the kid has no problem at all with calming down and fall asleep if he wouldn’t be spending the last of his awakened hours' gaming. Why is that?

There are only two things that can keep you awake when you tired and want to sleep. Drugs like amphetamine, and gaming. The reason gaming keeps you awake is that not only it satisfies most of the six human needs, but it also triggers adrenaline. When a game addict is fighting mobs or players or doing something to gather something, it triggers most of the emotional feelings, and when that happens, the game addict cant just shut down the game and fall asleep easy.

Compare this to like spending a few hours on a roller coaster and after the last ride, just try to fall asleep. This is, of course, impossible because your body is jacked up by all different emotional chemicals and adrenalin, and who knows whatever else? You need some time to calm down before you can fall asleep the natural way.

I’m not a doctor, but I don’t have to be to understand that giving a person medication after a roller coaster ride for this person to fall asleep is wrong on every level. Let the body deal with the emotions and calm down. The same goes for game addicts. There is nothing wrong with a game addict that spend the last 5 hours of the day gaming and being bombarded with all different kind of excitement that the game has to offer which leads to adrenalin rushes and most of the emotional feelings like joy, fear, anger and even hate. This is how games are designed, to trigger all this in order to get you addicted.

Lack of knowledge and acceptance of game addiction leads to real addiction because doctors are prescribing addicted calming down medication and not to mention. How well does the body sleep and rest if the game addict manages to fall asleep with all the natural chemicals in the body, mixed with the one's doctor prescribed.

The solution is simple. The mother should just shut down the game for her game addicted son 1-3 hours before going to sleep and let his body handle all the emotions in a natural way. But that wouldn’t be possible. Because then the mother would actually have to take care of the kid and spending some quality time with him which probably don’t fit her agenda since she is a facebook addict herself.

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