In this series, we will dissect the mainstream 12 step programs and prove point by point why it's totally useless and why it shouldn't be used on people that suffer from game addiction.

This is step number 11.

Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God as we understood Him, praying only for knowledge of His will for us and the power to carry that out.

This step is right but for the wrong reasons. Praying to God is, in reality, nothing else than setting up goals. Setting up goals automatically puts the game addict in a focus state where he or she is focusing on the stuff to change and improve.

But putting that burden on God is, in my opinion, unfair because it's the game addict that has a free will and it's the game addict that has the power to make decisions that lead to improvement, just like in any other aspect of life, game addiction or not.

If you visit a dating site and browse the female profiles you will find in my opinion one of the weirdest and confusing lines ever.

They say something like this:

”Quote” - Contact me if you think you can handle me!

Handle you???

What are you? A 5-year-old girl that needs to be handled and I'm your babysitter?

A 5-year-old boy or girl I need to be able to handle because they have 50 ideas per minute where 49 of them are direct, and I'm quite desperate to be able to handle them so they won't burn down the house to the ground.

You are a grown-up woman so handle yourself and don't put the burden on me.

Precisely the same goes for this step. A game addict can't go and ask God or anyone else for the matter, to handle their flaws and character issues.

It up to the game addict to deal with whatever issues they have.

The real step should be just the same as in step number 6 

I'm responsible for my character shape. I'm the only one that can make the decision to do it whenever I want to.

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