In this series, we will dissect the mainstream 12 step programs and prove point by point why it's utterly useless and why it shouldn't be used on people that suffer from game addiction

This is step number 2.

Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.

Already here the 12 step system contradicts itself because if the step one is true that a game addict is powerless. That means by default, like its said here, that a greater power is needed to restore the game addict to sanity.

But wait a minute.

What was the greater power that took over the game addict's life in the first place?

Well, it wasn't self-discipline. It was the games!

This means that the greater power that is destroying the game addicts, is the same greater power that should restore the game addict to sanity?

One of the greatest comedian Dough Standpipe described it in the same way when it came to AA. (Because once again, the 12 step program is just a copy/paste from the AA program)

”If alcohol was the one taking over my life, that's the higher power, which means that I should turn to alcohol in order to get free from alcohol”

The second point is that a game addict has no free will because only some greater power is able to restore the game addict to sanity.


Because this literary means that the game addict is not a human being with no free will, no self-control.

Nothing is further from the truth because if it were, the court systems would collapse if everyone committed a crime claiming that he or she wasn't responsible for the crime, because a higher power greater than him or her, took control.

A criminal commits a theft. This means the theft is the higher power. In order to stop stealing, the thief must turn to a higher power, which is theft, to stop stealing.

Let's be grateful that the court system didn't apply the same kind of logic that the 12 step program is currently running because no criminals would ever be locked up.

How would this philosophy work at the doctor's office?

I would love to say to the mainstream game addiction organizations that support the 12 step programs and its philosophy to try this when they get cancer.

But I won't because they will end up dead.

If we go to a doctor and tell say that we got cancer. The last thing we would want to hear is that we should believe that the greater power then ourselves (the cancer) should restore us to health. And then be thrown out of the office.

The third point in this fallacy is about God. No disrespect to people that are believers but this 12 step program disrespect the people that are non-believers. A game addict that don't believe in god, have no chance to get rid of the game addiction, in the same way as the thief can get rid of the needs for theft and in the same way as the cancer patient must turn to god to get rid of cancer.


The fact is that the mainstream game addiction organizations are the only places and professions in the world where game addicts can blame their game addiction on someone else then themselves and the only cure is the very same problem that got them into that problem.

The other fact is that the mainstream game addiction organizations turn to God, which is fine but claiming it's the only way to treat game addiction. Well, we are in 2100 century not 1700

Bottom line.

A computer program has no self-will, it does what the coder writes it to do. A human does have a self-will.

The real step should be:

I'm my own individual. I'm the one having control of my thoughts, feelings and I'm responsible for what's happening in my life. I take the decisions and I can change whenever I want to.

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