Some clinics claim there are two types of addiction. The offline game addiction and the online game addiction

If this is true I'm personally not really sure and the reason is the time we are living in.

Back in the 80s there were no online games, everything we could play was Nintendo, Sega, Commodore and Amiga computers. The games were less advanced and in general, life was more slow. We didn't live in the information age we do today where we get all the information and we are one click away from finding out everything.

When we wanted to find out something, we had to go to the library, stand in line. Ask an overweight and more or less depressed 60 year old library worker. She was never in any hurry and it could take 30 minutes to get the right book. The life was in general slower. The games however, comparing to the slow lifestyle, where advanced.

Today it's a different story. The speed we live our life is immense comparing to the 80s. The old game has become obsolete, boring and slow.

In fact, the old offline game we at treat-game-addiction use as a moderation in order to calm down the game addict because they don't have the millions of things to do which today's online have has. This has proven to be very effective because when a game addict tries to quit gaming, activity anxiety syndrome and offline endless time syndrome kicks in. Those more or less, boring old school offline games help deal with that, in addition to that, the game addicts still gets a dose of gaming and in the same time treats his or hers, game addiction.

Reason of this is when a player is addicted to a serious online game where there are tons of things to do. Going back playing an offline game is like slow motion comparing the games existing today. Compare World of Warcraft where there are things happening constantly and if the game addict fails or gets bored, he or she just switch to another task the game has to offer, which an old game like Super Mario Bros where there is only one thing to do. Get through level one map, if the mission fails, he or she needs to start over and can't pass to level 2 maps until he or she finishes level 1 map. Simple and boring.

Back in the old days, this was very advanced, today is fun, but only to a point where the player fails to complete the stage a few times. This is the reason we at treat-game-addiction claim that the old (and new) offline games can be used as moderation because the new world we are living in has so much to offer, it gets boring to sit 16 hours trying to complete stage level 2.

The other reason we use the offline games to moderate game addiction is because they don't satisfy all the human needs.

They don't satisfy love and connection where the game addict have a need to be part of a group.

They don't satisfy contribution where the game addict wants to help other people.

They don't even satisfy the human need growth to fully extent because there is very little to learn in an offline game.

In our opinion. In today's very advance information society and the speed we live in, the quick access to information and all that internet thing, its very hard to get addicted to offline games. Offline games are one of the main tools to moderate game addiction.

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