WARNING! Don't treat game addiction with drugs.

Don't treat game addicts in clinics that use drugs.

There are a lot of treating video game addiction clinics that prescribe the drugs in order to treat game addiction.

This is the worst you can ever do to a game addict because first of all. There is nothing wrong with a game addict. The game addict is not sick and doesn't need drugs or any whatsoever treatment. The phenomena the game addict experience when addicted to games, is not an addiction to the game itself but one or several of the six human needs. The same kind of achievement is done in real life. However, it's easier and much quicker in a game. Therefore, the game addiction is nothing more than the path of the least resistance to satisfy the human needs and don't need to be drugged in order to quit gaming.

For a non-addicted person, this would be the same as giving drugs to someone that is following an exciting TV series.

Would anyone even consider it? Now of course not. The TV-series are exciting.

Everyone is excited to find out who is the killer and can't wait for the next episode. Now let's say we are watching an old series were we have access to the entire season at once. If the series is so exciting and someone is so into it, he or she wants to see the whole season at once.

Would you even consider in the first place to classify that as an addiction? Would you treat that with drugs? No! Of course not.

The difference between online games and TV series is that a TV series ends at some point and the season is over, we know who killed who, who cheated on who and so on.

The online games, on the other hand, are quite similar to TV series with two major differences.

Number one is that an online game is endless. The game designers come up with new things to do in a game all the time. It never ends.

The second is that in an online game, the gamer is deciding what to do, something that can't be done watching a TV-series. Its decided in advance what you will see, who is the killer and how the serial will end.

You just follow passively 100% you can't change the script, and you can't change who the bad guy is. 

In an online game, the game addict is the designer of his or her destiny. The game addict decides what to do, when to do it, how to do it, what to specialize in, and how long time to do it and if he or she gets bored with one task, they just switch to another one of the hundreds of things there are to do in an online game

Guiding light was created first as a radio show but at 1952 started as a TV series recording 15.762 episodes over 57 years and ended at 2009.

Apparently, it added some value as they had viewers for that amount of time.

Now. Would you classify those viewers as addicts? People followed it for 57 years.

That must be an addiction right? No! Of course not, and we wouldn't want to drug those people either because it's not an addiction, its drama, its fun, it's exciting.

Don't listen to the clinics. Either they don't know what they are talking about, or they want to make a quick buck by drugging game addicts.

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