Watch out for the ridiculous 10-30 day game quitting tips

I saw some ridiculous claims out on the internet about 15 days challenge, 30 days challenge about quitting game addiction you should watch out for when trying to quit gaming.

Now. Unfortunately, it doesn't work like this. Any game addict can try the challenge to quit gaming using any of the steps out on the internet. It still doesn't solve the main problem. Getting the game addict go through certain steps of challenges to quit gaming, is working from the wrong direction.

The fact is, it's very easy to quit gaming, all the game addict need to do is to shut down the internet connection. End of story, however, this approach is wrong because what happens now is that the game addict is suffering not knowing what to do with all the free time and lack of activity.

This is known as activity anxiety syndrome.

Compare this to some overweight person that wants to lose some weight. Similar flaws are out there in the diet and fitness industry. Losing weight is the easy part. All that has to be done is to sit on a treadmill a few hours per day for a month and fill his or her body with a massive amount of nutrition, and the weight loss comes as a natural side-effect. However, as with the game addiction that goes through different game quitting steps on the net, its pointless because its taking on the problem from the wrong angle because once the overweight person lost the weight, if he or she is going back to the lifestyle patterns they had before they started to lose weight, it's all for nothing

The reality is that for the overweight person to lose weight, he or she must do a drastic change in the lifestyle. Now, I'm not any diet expert nor a fitness trainer, so this example is heavy generalized so take it with a grain of salt.

The overweight person who wants to lose weight doesn't start by dropping fat by hard exercise in the gym, just like the game addict doesn't turn off the internet to quit gaming.

The overweight person needs to start at the foundation. Lifestyle change. For example. Start the day with a half liter of water, then take a 15 min walk, then go home and eat a healthy breakfast with a nutrient-dense meal like seeds, vegetables and whatever else you qualify as healthy. If the lifestyle change is done properly, the weight loss comes automatically. In general is as simple as that. Weight loss is just a side-effect of a healthy lifestyle.

The same way the game addict needs to start at the foundation, like figuring out what he or she wants in life by figuring out which of the six human needs are most important to him or her. In both cases, this is the foundation.

Now, what happens if we tell the overweight person to change their lifestyle by starting eating broccoli, but he or she hates broccoli?

The same as when we tell the game addict to take a dance course to quit gaming. It will work for a while until like in both cases, the overweight person stops eating broccoli and the game addict gets bored with the dance course.

To be able to change lifestyle, we need to make sure that both the overweight person and the game addict are changing something they are comfortable with, otherwise, the change will never happen.

Instead of telling the overweight person to go eat broccoli. We tell him or her to spend a week testing different combinations of vegetables until they find some they really love.

Let's say the overweight person discovers that the combination of carrots and spinach is amazing and one of the best thing he or she ever ate.

What happens now is that the overweight person, instead of waking up and force him or herself to start the day with something they hate, broccoli. They now start the day by eating something they love, the combination of carrots and spinach. A pleasant change in lifestyle.

The same goes for the game addict. Instead of starting the day of thinking of some “ in their opinion” stupid dance course, they first need to figure out the foundations.

What are their primary human needs and secondary human needs?

Where do they find the most joy in life?

Maybe the game addict is a love and connection type of person where his or her most important human needs is to be a part of a group. Then this is the foundation. Much easier to carry it on from there. Unfortunately, the tips on the net about how to get rid of game addiction don't address this. This leads to game addict to end up unhappy doing or participating in events they don't fully enjoy which will sooner or later, lead to a relapse, go back to gaming.

And this is the reason why the 10-day challenge, 15-day challenge and whatever else is out there is worthless.

Listening to wrong advice and don't build foundations. The proof of this you can find on any random game addiction forum where ex-game addicts claim they are unhappy and this is the reason.

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