Why game addiction cause some serious physical health problems?

One of the most difficult subjects in today's society is fitness. How to get lean. How to get that beach body. If you study a hundred programs from hundred different gurus, bodybuilders, and other fitness experts. You will end up with hundreds of different theories, hundreds of different training programs and hundreds of different ideas about nutrition.

However. There are two things that everyone agrees on. Sleep and hydration. There is not a single person connected to to the health and fitness industry that will tell you to get less sleep or less hydration. Water and sleep are essential to health. Period!

So what has this to do with game addiction?

When its late, and time to go to sleep. An average person that is not game addicted just goes to sleep

A game addict can't do this because strange things happen to the body when a game addict is online in the game. The energy level spikes up, and the game addict is clearly awake. There is no other activity in real life that can do that, except for drugs. No one could go to do a full ice hockey game in the middle of the night. It wouldn't be possible because of lack of energy.

A game addict with real-life responsibilities like school or work or small children destroys his or her physical health by being a game addict because the game addict gets a bit of sleep deprivation every night, without even feeling it.

People that take amphetamine to stay awake for 2 days in order to participate in a full rave party.

It's been said that they sleep for the same amount when they come home as they lost during the party.

A game addict, however, doesn't recover in the same way because the sleep deprivation continues day after day after day because entering a game one hour before the original go-to-sleep time, postpones that time without even feeling the need for sleep.

The reason for this is game that the game triggers adrenaline and sleeping hours are lost. Usually, most of them are never recovered because next night when the body tells the game addict that it needs sleep and he or she enters a game.

The cycle is broken because of the adrenaline rush the game addict gets from participating in the game.

Sleep deprivation leads to a pure destruction of the body because it cant regenerate. The immune system of the body helps regenerate the body and with the lack of sleep, the immune system gets weakened. Let me not go into details about sleep deprivation and its effects on the health, there are tons of information about that.

Imagine you break a leg. The usual procedure when breaking a leg is to put it in plaster and have it there for about 6 weeks before you can take the plaster off.

Now imagine that you take the plaster off every day for 1 hour and take a walk. Will your leg recover in 6 weeks?

No! Of course not!

There is no doubt that sleep deprivation is catastrophic for the human health and this is what game addiction leads to. We do not see the health effects of this now because the game addiction is quite new. We will have to wait and see what happens to peoples health when they get sleep deprived ten years from now.

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