Why game addict might not enjoy the game so much

There three different reasons for this.

1. The game addict is doing what he or she knows best. In general, this applies to all of us. We do what we know best and don't want to change that. An example from non-game addicted people would be when someone works at the same job for decades and might not enjoy the job but still stays in it because he or she is doing what they know best.

2. Offline endless time syndrome

When a game addict tries to quit gaming or for whatever reason don't have access to his or her game due to Internet problems or in-game updates where the games are usually shut down, the game addict then experiences Offline endless time syndrome. This means that the game addict has some kind of time anxiety where he or she doesn't know what to do with their time. 5 hours of no game time can feel like a week, there is nothing to do and all the game addict is doing is watching minutes waiting for the game to come back online. The game addict that tries to quit gaming is literary suffering for the extended time he or she suddenly got.

3. Activity anxiety syndrome

When a game addict tries to quit gaming he or she suffers from something called Activity anxiety syndrome. This means that the game addict is out of activities and doesn't know what to spend his or her time on. This creates a feeling of anxiety because of lack of activities. When the game addict was participating in the game, there were tons of things to do and usually not enough time to do all the things the game had to offer. Going from 100% activity to 0% activity creates Activity anxiety syndrome.

When we combine all those three together, we have an answer to why game addicts might not fully enjoy their games. They do it for the reasons above, They do what they know best (add to that fear of rejection when trying new things but that's for another topic) offline endless time syndrome where game addicts don't know what to do with their time and activity anxiety syndrome where the game addicts have no other activities to do outside the game.

The bottom line. Having no activities of interests outside the game, Having loads of time and not knowing what to do with it and the last but not least, doing what the game addict knows best, which is the game. This leads to that the game addict more or less forced playing the game even if he or she might not enjoy it so much.

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