Why the recovery in the 12 step program hurts the game addict

If a game addict joins the mainstream 12 step program, they will be told they are starting their recovery.

This is very bad because if you need a recovery from something, that means you are sick or injured.

You break a leg, you need six-eight weeks recovery. In this period of time, you are not allowed to put any pressure on your leg because if you do, your leg won't recover.

But what does this have to do with game addicts?

Well, Nothing!!

The game addicts are not sick. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the game addict. The game addict is not sick nor injured. He or she just like to play games and one of the main reason of this is to satisfy at least one of the six human needs

The 12 step program is just a sloppy copy and paste, from the AA program because there is a fundamental difference between game addicts and alcohol addicts drug addicts, nicotine addicts. That group of people has a recovery need because of all the substances they put in their body to make it addicted, nicotine addict have a few weeks recovery because this is the time it takes to get rid of all the five thousand toxins that are in the paper of a cigarette, and the nicotine and add to that, the brain of a nicotine user must get used and accept the fact that it won't get any more.

Because of all of this, the nicotine user gets carvings.

This is a recovery!

The body is working 27/7 to deal with it, just like it deals with any other injury. If we accidentally cut ourselves with a knife, our body put that quite high on the recovery priority list so we won't bleed out.

After the wound is healed the recovery is over.

When the nicotine users carvings end, the now “ex”nicotine user is free from the addiction, the recovery is over.

The game addict is not injured or sick. I have repeated this, thousands of times and will repeat it to the end of days.

There is nothing wrong with the game addict, he or she is not sick, not injured and don't need any recovery. The game addict is just doing the easiest and most natural things to satisfy the human needs.

The reason the 12 step program hurts the game addict is that it tells the game addict that there is something wrong with him or her and it must be fixed. This puts the game addict at a disadvantage because it puts them in a state of blame like it's their fault, they the bad ones. which isn't even correct in the first place, once again, there is nothing wrong with a game addict, he or she is not sick or injured.

The result of this is devastating for the game addict because the 12 step program is doing nothing more than putting a soft kind of hypochondria on the game addict. Hypochondria is when a person imagines he or she has some type of disease. Those kinds of people can imagine pain and illness they don't have. They go to doctor several times a week, and they consume all the medications they can get their hands on.

This hurts the game addict because instead of focusing on solutions like discovering which of the six human needs are satisfied within the games and replace them with real-life activities. It puts the game addict in a state of blame and humiliation with no whatsoever solution.

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